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Steeped in history, surrounded by beauty

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Crofton Hall, Cumberland

Dating back over 1000 years, based in the historic border region of England, Crofton Hall is a beautiful estate that has just about passed the test of time…
Brisco of Crofton Hall

History of the estate


Crofton Today

Noble Desires

Available on Amazon & in stores soon!

Conquest to plague, bloody battles, life at the heart of Henry VIII’s court, epic tales of treason and commerce, a monarch’s mistress and a court case or two, travel through time on this tour charting the life of some of the characters that made the Brisco family and their relations a very eccentric and scandalous bunch. 

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Brisco coat of arms

"I’ve heard them plan their tenants’ good, the welfare of their farms, Or hatch a well-nigh perfect scheme for adding to my charms; I’ve seen them at work and sport, their jesting and their play, Or off to keep a lovers tryst when life was young and gay."

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